Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter in Paradise Valley

Billy rode out early this morning to shoot pictures of the ranch in heavy fog. We woke up to an absolute blanket of it. While he was out it started to break up and the sun was bursting through. He got some really gorgeous shots. Things are starting to really green up here because of the recent rains. It is a beautiful spot to be right now considering the hideous winter weather a lot of folks have been dealing with elsewhere in the country. As always you can click on each individual pic to see a full screen version...

Not too shabby eh? I am sure Billy will do at least a few paintings from the images he grabbed this morning.

Oh... and I have to add here that Billy announced finding "The Prettiest Poop" he has ever seen this morning as well. Behold...the ethereal morning dew and the pretty poop!

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