Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Screeching Halt

So. Sometimes in life things tend to come to a screeching halt. Quite unexpectedly. This is the way I would like to describe the past week of our life and our time in Carmel. It came to a screeching halt. In a nut shell.... I quit my job at the gallery for reasons I will not elaborate on here, we pulled up stakes and drove outta there, trailer and all. Nothing scandalous happened.... it was not a life or death situation or anything, it was (for a variety of reasons) time to take a breather from a scene that was getting way crazy and bizarre with the people we were surrounded by. You may ask.... "What people? To which I would have to respond.... "THE people".... that is all I can say.... there were people... and they were surrounding us with weirdness.... so we left. I was sleeping with one eye open, you know, that kind of thing. Now you may ask the question... "Where did you go?" Well, we came back to the cattle ranch. The ranch owned by my old friend Brook and her husband Mike. These are two people who will most certainly not surround you with any kind of weirdness. It is respite from all the things that were driving me nutso. It is a place where the main bits of action on a daily basis are things such as what you will see here...

You may see some cows runnin' in the fog. And if you feel like it you can run with the cows or after the cows. No one cares. Well, the cows may care, but from what I can tell so far they don't really seem to hold a grudge.

Or you can see some curly headed two and half year old silliness out on the front lawn. You can also get right in on this action and no one cares. It is encouraged as a matter of fact. Act silly... run crazy. It's all good. And it seems to help if you are wearing fancy new patent leather shoes for this particular activity.

This is Riley. She is smart as a whip and very funny. I may have to have my name officially changed to "Beff" just because she has put a serious shine on the sound of it for me.

We do have to keep a sharp eye on Rudy here because he tends to get covered from head to toe in cow shit if we don't. He loves it.

So what next? We are going to hang out here for a few weeks until after Christmas and then we are up for grabs. We cannot decide where to go or what to do. These are the moments when I am pretty glad that our home has wheels and the options are as wide as the horizon.

OK. Sorry this was a scattered post. It's late and I am goofy. I just wanted to update you all on the current status of scene. I will try to get back to normal posting again this week.

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