Monday, December 22, 2008

Uhhh, Yuck.

Internet... I am sick. It's a cold or some such thing. It is causing my body and my head to feel like they are made out of toxic play dough laced with slug poop. I am officially on day four of this germy journey.

Since I have been laying about the trailer for three solid days doing nothing but drinking enough tea to sink a battle ship and I don't have any exciting tales to tell I thought I would throw together a post linking to some of my fave blogs and sites. A few of these are already links on my side bar but maybe you have never clicked through to check them out.

First up is Sarah who writes a blog "Yes and Yes." I can't even remember who found who first but she links to me and I link to her. Sarah is an optimist (revisit the title of her blog for direct proof) and is inspiring to read. She loves to make lists and she has a great sense of humor. And she loves cheese. Nothing wrong with that.

If you are in need of a good laugh head over to the LIST OF THE DAY. Allow me to introduce you to the first list I ever stumbled upon... a list that caused me to laugh hard enough to require several tissues to mop up my tears. Click HERE. I think that list will hook you. If it does not then you are never allowed to come to my blog again because the your funny bone is clearly missing or broken.

If you are searching for a perfect gift for your good friend Spock or for my Dad, Think Geek is the perfect place to find something. Last year I got my Dad this shirt from the site...

For your home office where you may be busy writing your own personal blog here is an inspirational poster for you....

If you can't read the text it says...

Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

And my personal favorite items they offer on Think Geek are the GIANT MICROBES. You can choose between microbes like Gangrene, The Plague, Malaria, Ebola or even just a simple old stomach ache. Cute!

I have to throw some love to Etsy. I can't do a links post without including a few of my favorite new shops.

Sweetie Pies Delights is a shop that will ship to you (or to a person of your choosing as a gift) freshly baked sweets that are absolutely to die for. They have a huge list to choose from and I would not mind at all working my way through the whole list. Word on the street is that their Red Velvet sandwich cookies are seriously delicious.

You know you are somebody when you can pull off wearing a piece from The Urban Rose shop. This designer's pieces are off the charts cool. She takes vintage jewelry and creates the most fabulous assemblage works I have seen. Example...

And another example...

Like I said... you know you are somebody when you can actually pull off wearing one of these spectacular show pieces. I just love her work. Take a spin through her shop to see what other treasures she has!

I have also really been coveting artist Michelle Ramin's drawing. I love her style and palettes.

I always find myself shooting photos of these very things she has a tendency to draw... the water towers, silos and quaint small town visuals that we sometimes take for granted.

OK. That's it for me. My head is swimming with giant microbes of my very own. I must retreat back to the bed and convalesce.

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Kenzie said...

On the first day in my microbiology class this semester we each had one of those cute little microorganisms at our seat. We had to tell the rest of the class what we were and how we affect you.