Saturday, May 24, 2008


This past week was pretty much the usual scene around here. All except for the night that Chelle and I went to The Camel Rock Casino to see a Joan Jett concert. I think I had recently mentioned that this event was up and coming for us. I can't even remember the last concert I went to. Maybe Bonnie Raitt in Hawaii? Not exactly the same sort of vibe as Joan Jett in the middle of nowhere Northern New Mexico at a small pueblo owned casino. Anyway... we got "dressed up" and off we went. And when I say dressed up I mean it in the cheapest way possible.

To put it mildly it the whole experience was weird. Casinos always give me the creeps. All those zombied out people poking their money into the mouths of slot machines for hours. Yikes. And the show was held in a room that resembled a small conference room at a Holiday Inn... complete with those dusty pink faux leather upholstered hotel chairs for seating. The room was never more than half full for the whole show. And the audience was stunning in ways that I shall not mention.

When the show started I was completely unsure what I was going to do with myself for the duration. The fact that I was not totally wasted presented a challenge. I think the only reason concerts are fun at a certain point in your life as that you get wasted and go act like a pig for a couple of hours with a whole bunch of other people who are wasted and acting like idiots in a big, dark venue where nothing really matters for the night besides clapping and perhaps banging your head. Unless you are at an Englebert Humperdink show where clapping is entirely inappropriate.

So, I stood there and watched Joan. I watched people. I drank half of a beer. I spent long moments wondering what Joan was feeling as she looked out on what I deemed to be a totally depressing scene. How was she doing it? I mean... she put forth a great effort. She was rockin' it out to a room with maybe 250 people in it. It felt really weird TO ME so what must it have felt like to her? We will never know. I can say that somehow I came to love her for it. I love Joan Jett. She seems like a great gal. She looks great. She sounds great. She is a real gem. So in answer to the enigmatic question of WWJJD? I say... she would kick ass and rock the face off of a room with 12 deaf and blind people in it if you asked her to.

So the show ended after one encore performance and we sat down to watch the weird parade of people filter out of the room. We then discovered that it was only 9:30! What should we do now?! It's only 9:30?!!! For about 2 seconds the possibility of reckless casino madness, or perhaps painting the town of Espanola red flitted through our heads and then...Yeah... we went home and went to bed.

There has been talk of doing this whole thing again in a few weeks when Great White comes to Camel Rock. What do you all think? Should we go? I mean... it's Great White! And they are playing on Friday the 13th! What a rare opportunity. I will let you know what we decide.

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Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I just went and looked up some photographs of Joan Jett. She still looks good. I don't know who Great White are though. I could Google them and then I'd know