Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Acts of Photo

This past week has been all about the picture takin'. Why? Cause we got a new camera. I thought I would share a post of random images just because I love ya. And because we are like crack junkies with this new camera. We lay in bed at night and take pictures of our feet and the ceiling. We take pictures of the dark once the lights have been turned out. We take pictures in our mind while we are sleeping. Don't send help... or try for a televised intervention or something else drastic like that. We will calm down in a few years. Remember you can click through on each pic to see a larger version.

Rudy looking very handsome and very much like a Wookie at the Plaza Park.

You had no idea I was such and athlete right? Well, I am. I can run and jump. I am all good up to that point. It's the landing that proves to be a problem for me. Seconds after this image above was shot I was rolling around in the dirt having crash landed on my face. My knees were apparently not awake at the moment of hitting the ground and therefore did not participate in the event. I went down like a pro. Old school. I skinned my knees and had gravel in the palms of my hands. Oh yeah.

Out on a walk with Chelle on the banks of the raging Santa Fe River. See it there? Raging! It's a powerhouse that Santa Fe River. It stirs your very soul to see it.

Sometimes at night Billy and I become transparent if we have not had enough dinner.

Sunset from Fort Marcy Park

Blackbird on creepy dead tree. Moments later he tried to peck our eyes out. But we hit him over the head with our camera and ran away.

OK. It's Sunday. Today I am making French Onion Soup because Billy has been talking about it for three days straight. So on the first 80 degree day of the year we will be eating hot soup. I hope you all have a better plan of attack for your day.


Momo said...

I am having a nostalgic moment over french onion soup.
Ahhhhhh.....those little brown pots.
Great pics!

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

French Onion soup sounds nice to me too. I also like the pics. I don't believe you hit the bird on the head with the camera as birds' heads are small and hard to hit, also you love your camera. I wish I had a camera, I am childishly impressed by the transparent people. How do you do that? Should I get a camera?

What does Momo mean about little brown pots?

So many questions..

Bethany said...

The idea of you with a camera thrills me to the bone. Yes. You should get a camera. If I had the extra cash I would buy one for you myself. Just think of the stupid pictures you could take. My bet is that you would get nothing else done for months after you got your shiny new camera. It would consume you.

As far as the transparent people go... I told you, we had not had enough dinner. Right after that photo was taken I had some hagen daz chocolate ice cream and then you could see me like I was made of titanium and steel.

The little brown pots were what Momo used to make french onion soup in when I was a kid. They had little handles on them so you could pull them out of the oven. They were very 70's, right up there with fondue pots and crap like that. They were VIP's in my childhood food world.

sol y sombra creations said...

Oh So funny about the Santa Fe River--I grew up in SFe and am always trying to tell my east coast friends that the creeks here are mightier than the river there...except after snow melt of course!