Tuesday, May 06, 2008

33 Years of Smooth Movin' Billy McLane

Today was Billy's birthday... number 33. We kept it pretty low key. What else is new though? Like we ever do any thing high key. Or even medium key. Our keys are all hangin' low baby. By the way... we did not plan or color coordinate our outfits. It just happened like that. It also just happened that I have my apron tied so high on my waist that my boob looks like it is made from a balloon filled with lead. Go ahead... look at it. Yeah. These are the visual dangers of photo ops with aprons.

We went out for breakfast to Pasqual's. Billy had smoked trout hash. Because that is what you should always eat for breakfast on your birthday. Fishy hash. It's delicious. (Gross.) I had eggs with tomatillo salsa and hash browns. And an english muffin with orange marmalade. Mine was a much more festive entree by far.

After breakfast we finished up our Mother's Day shopping... so look out you Mothers, stuff is comin' your way. I shipped out presents today!

The birthday fairy came to us on our way home in the form of a huge beautiful hummingbird moth... it congratulated Billy on being 33 and then flew off to avoid being eaten by Rudy.

The rest of the afternoon was spent piddling around the house and prepping food for dinner. We had home made green chile corn bread, grilled baby artichokes, grilled carrots and vidalia onions and marinated grilled tempeh. It was mighty good grub. If anyone is interested in how to cook the BEST grilled tempeh drop me a note and I will post the recipe. It's crazy good and easy to make. Here's a ridiculously close up shot of the artichokes.....

For dessert we had stuff from Cafe Paris... a fruit and almond tart and some sort of crunchy, sugary chocolate meringue torte. The sugar content was off the charts. I am now nursing a cup of peppermint tea to counteract the effects of mucho shugah. Billy is of course fine. He can eat sugar like it's meant to be his one and only sustinence. But then again, he is only 33. You can get away with stuff like that when you are 33.

In closing I will share with you a shot of Rudy which I find most disturbing. Sometimes he really gives me the creeps.

What a slimy pervert. Can you stand it?


Missy B said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Billy!

Suzanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rudy. You're holding up well.

This post made me laugh and if you want to laugh really hard go to Random Chicks blog. You can get to her on my blog roll. She published a post about her boobs that is too funny. For some reason the two of you seem perfect for one another!

The close up of grilled artichokes is beautiful. It's art. Or the inside of an abalone shell...I can't decide.

I'll be back.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

A delightful post. Lovely photographs. I am colourblind but it seems to be (even with my disability) that the hair, the shorts, the wall, the dog all go together so well.

You make me want to buy a camera, though i know from experience I can't take photographs as well as you do. The artichokes shot is sublime (well at least very good) Bet you could sell that one in a gallery.

Also, smoked trout hash. Now, I'm not much of a man for river fish, but a fishy hash can be good if you're careful of the bones. I trust you were.

I will say nothing about boobs, as they are not my area.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I need to add that I have just seen an ad. on your blog. It says "meet a hiker" What does that mean/imply? What a strange thing to advertise.


Bethany said...

DMAM... "meet a hiker" I guess this implies that there are lonely hikers out there with laptops just waiting to make your acquaintance? Woodsy guys and gals who want social activity...not in person but online? I dunno.

Thanks everyone for championing my artichoke photo. Maybe I will submit it to Gourmet magazine. I will demand thousands of dollars in exchange for my chokes.

DMAM... obcahty!!!

I had to stay signed out in order to get that important message to you.

High Desert Rose said...

Bethany, would love for you to post your tempeh recipe. It's my daughter in law's favorite, it'd be cool to surprise her with it. The artichokes were beautiful. Wonder if I could make a pair of earrings to look like those, great color!

A belated Huzzah! to Billy for turning 33 and lookin' good doin' it. I had smoked salmon eggs benedict once for breakfast...good stuff!

You 2 are a smashing couple. Sounds like you match in ways that transcend matching color but nonetheless match.

Hummer moths love it around here, lots of salvia and lantana.

Vundebah reading your blog.

HD Rose