Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aaaannnnd... we just ate dinner at Denny's.

So. We are on the road on our way to the Grand Canyon. Remember? I have only mentioned it about six times that we are going. We are finally going! Right now! Today we had to go to an Airstream dealer in Albuquerque to get some stuff fixed on the trailer and because we did not get out of there til late afternoon that landed us no farther than Gallup, NM for the night at a KOA. This is one of those KOA's that sits about 4 inches off the highway and is essentially a patch of gravel. We are surrounded by a La Quinta Inn, a Sleep Inn and a Denny's. On that fourth side is the highway... 4 inches away.

We went right on ahead and ate dinner at the Denny's. We risked it all for a grilled cheese and onion rings. We are both thoroughly lubed up now. This days eating has consisted of full fat Greek yogurt with honey for breakfast, a chocolate glazed donut for a second breakfast (with a venti sized coffee from the EVIL EMPIRE), hummus and crackers while driving in the car, a bottle of Sprite and now a grilled cheese and onion rings. For those of you who are not 'in the know' this means I will be sick in the car all day tomorrow. Do I care? Right now I say... no way! It was worth it! It's a road trip! Eat like shit! But we shall see tomorrow.

Rudy is on the floor below me chewing the plastic grunting esophagus out of a stuffed hedgie. If you have a dog who rips up toys you know the esophagus I mean. He seems to be doing fine with being back in the trailer. I was worried that he would be all "Are you people kidding me? Take me back home to the casita, Pronto! Bitches!" But as long as he can destroy a toy he is happy just about anywhere. He went to the vet this morning on our way out of town... and you will be glad to know he is in top shape. He's 19 pounds, has perfect clean teeth and ears and he has no worms housed within his wee body. This is good news. I don't think I could look him in the eye if I knew worms were in here somewhere.

So I have one more night of internet... tomorrow night we will be camping just North of Flagstaff, AZ and will still be able to get online there, but after that we will be out of reach of civilization for 6 whole days. This is actually very exciting for me. I want to go hide in the woods for 6 days. No offense internet.... but I need a break from you.

OK. You can expect pictures tomorrow. I promise. For tonight I am going to retire to the bed with a book and let the Denny's grease choke my arteries and bring me one day closer to an early death.

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Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

The Internet's loss, I assure you. The food sounds good. Apart from the coffee. I am impressed by your American toy hedgehogs - they go into a lot of anatomical detail untried on this side of the Atlantic, viz rubber oesophagus. Can I get one mail order?