Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick Recap of the Week

A week ago I was sitting at Cafe Paris consuming the above beverage which they happen to call a "Panache." It's beer and lemonade. It's good. and as you may perceive from the photo... it's huge. It's especially huge when I am drinking it since I don't normally partake of such things. I don't know what else to say about that day except that Michelle and I laughed our asses off the whole time we were in the cafe. People were putting on a great show and since we are such nasty bitches we just laughed and laughed... right at them. It was good fun.

What else happened this past week? I took Rudy to the dog park with his new friend Larry. Larry is actually an old friend of ours (Billy and I) but he is new for Rudy. Here I will share with you a visual of Luxurious Larry.

Larry belongs to a friend, Michaela and she is who escorted us to the dog park. Needless to say... Rudy loved it.

I loved it too because here we have the end result of time spent at the dog park...

This was also the week I started my new part time job. I trained for three days and now I will go to a regular schedule of Sundays and Mondays. Just two days a week. Perfect. Any more than that and I would sink like the Titanic. I have too much other made up stuff to be doing to be able to devote more time to an actual reliable pay check.

Today was Friday (in case you went along all day not realizing it) and we went out tonight to walk Canyon Road and check out the gallery openings. We followed this guy around for awhile... I took several pictures of him but I will only show this one... in case he is an International Man of Intrigue and Danger I certainly don't want to be the person to give away his where-abouts...

Just know that he has a giant red beard. And a wedgy weird hair cut. And a Frenchy striped shirt. And perhaps he smells like Juniper berries and old salty leather. I made that part up... but I bet he does.

There are not too many gallery openings yet... it's too early in the season. But it was still a worth while walk. Here are a few images from one of my favorite galleries.

So tomorrow is Saturday and that means it's time for another Panache at Cafe Paris. Oh... and the most exciting news I have to report is that I bought Michelle and I tickets to go see Joan Jett at the Camel Rock Casino in May. If you don't live here that won't mean much... but going to see Joan Jett at Camel Rock is straight up dirty, dumb fun. I can't wait. It's guaranteed to produce a stupid story or three or four.

Sorry for such a scattered weird post. My head is still not screwed on quite right after all the goofy stuff we have had going on in the past few weeks. I gave you a random assortment of pictures to look at though... so at least you can't accuse me of totally sucking.

Happy weekending people...


Dusk Watchman said...

It looks like I'm gonna hafta bump your blog higher up on my list of must visit blogs; it's enthralling! (that word's worth $10, right?)

That said, how did you photograph the artwork? I was at a Monet art show once (I prefer Van Gogh but Monet was handy) and security went a little Nazi over the no cameras thing.

Bethany said...

Hi Dusk... Thanks for the ten dollar compliment. :)

They don't usually mind you shooting pics of stuff in permanent collections as long as you don't use a flash. You can almost never shoot pics of traveling exhibits though. These images I posted were taken in privately owned galleries... again, they don't mind as long as you are not using a flash. Also... I am quite sneaky with my camera.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Comments in order:

1) Great photo of the beer and lemonade but what a disgusting idea. It even looks disgusting. Kronenburg and country-style-grandma-squeezed-with-her-own-horny-hands lemonade. Still those French always have the style.

2) All your photographs are so well composed. I am jealous. E.g. the 3 dogs with shadows. Actually that sounds like a good title for a novel. Set in Afghanistan naturally.

3) This man sounds familiar. I will keep an eye out for him in galleries near me.

4) I remember Joan Jett. Give her my regards from about 1981. I doubt she'll remember me.

5) Scattered weird posts are my lifeblood.

6) Eurydice is a big fan of your blog, but she's too shy to write any comments on it. She was even going to get me to send you a song about a silverstreamer.

Yours ever


Bethany said...


I have been seeing this mysterious arty stranger all over town now. For weeks. Even at bus stops or just wandering vaguely down the side of the road. Billy thinks he is a German architect. Don't ask me why he thinks this. I don't think it. I think he is trouble. I am keeping an eye on him.

Tell Eurydice that now that I know she is out there she may as well come out of hiding. She seems silly as a fringe dweller now that the secret is out.