Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We Got-a Lotta Bizzness

The quote above is borrowed from a kitchen worker at Linos Italian restaurant in Rockford, IL. I can't remember what the guy's name was... but he liked to say "I got a lotta bizzness" when he had a lot of pizzas and stuff to make. I feel ya dog... I feel ya. We got a lotta bizzness too.

We got through our weekend painting workshop and everything went great. The gals that participated were super nice, interesting and I think they had a good time and learned some stuff from Mr. Billy.

Rudy went to doggie day camp and then out to the owner's house for over nighters for the weekend. He got to run wild with 5 other dogs for 4 days. I brought him home today. The dude is tired. And I mean TIRED. He looks like Hell and has been swiped out like he just got back from burning man festival where he did not sleep for 5 days and did lots of illegal drugs. I think it is safe to say he had a mighty good time but that he is really groovin' on being the Lone Ranger Dog of this household once again. Oh... and he has never smelled worse. Lawsy Mercy does he stink. Tomorrow morning = BATH TIME. You can run but you can't hide little Boobie.

This week is gonna be a busy one... I am (I *think*) taking a part time J-O-B two days a week at a retail shop about 5 minutes walk from our house. I have to go in and talk with them again tomorrow. It'll be good extra cash and the shop has some groovy stuff like Old Gringo boots and some retro looking western wear for men etc. I can get into that. My cousin Chelsea and her boyfriend Paul are coming to visit for a few days arriving on Wednesday... that'll be a good time. Chelsea is my fave cousin and I barely ever get to see her. They just finished up a winter working in Big Bend down in Texas and are on their way up to get back to work up in Yosemite in California (where they worked last year) but are stopping off a few places along the way. We are gonna go out to eat and show then around town. I am also meeting up with one of the women from our workshop sometime in the next week to discuss marketing some of her artwork. She makes gorgeous handmade jewelry boxes, books, frames etc. out of really special handmade Japanese papers. They are amazing and really expertly made. Hopefully I can help her get into a gallery or two here in Santa Fe.

Other than all that stuff I have a mountain of vintage waiting to be photographed and listed. Today I rescued a black 100% cashmere vintage coat in mint condition that I am considering gaining 25 pounds for so it will fit me and I don't have to sell it. We have to schedule our next painting workshop and get the website updated. And I have to find time to eat toast in the bathroom. Always leave room for your favorite hobby.

So if I disappear for a few days now you will know why. I shall return. Hopefully with dumb photos and silly stories. Or at least with news of a clean, well rested dog who does not smell like skunk crackers.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I have nothing sensible to say other than I enjoyed your post. Post more when you're not so busy.


Missy B said...

poor stinker...gotta love playing with the big dogs only to have to get a bath.
If you are thinking of gaining weight I just bought a book "How to Get Fat" that has excellent pointers. It's not for myself since I do have access to Pizza 24/7 and I don't need help, but it's a gift for another soul that could gain some pounds.
I look forward to seeing that coat...I need to start internet shopping since I can't find time during the day...

raven said...

I could use those extra 25 lbs myself...endless gorging on cheese quesadilla ain't doing the trick.