Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We Got It!

Greetings from the coldest place on Planet Earth, Illinois. I say that with little or no enthusiasm...it's hard to be cheerful when it has been below zero for over a week unless you are an Eskimo born and bred for the frozen tundra lifestyle. Perhaps people living in this area of the country should consider cross breeding with penguins to ensure a more comfortable future. Anyway (drumroll please....) We bought our trailer! On the coldest day of the year (a wind chill factor of more than 30 below was kicking through the Mid West) we drove up into Wisconsin and picked it up. It is now firmly planted in a giant snow bank here in Illinois awaiting our departure. We had more snow today so I am quite sure the Airstream is probably more like an iceberg at this point than anything else. Al Gore has a lot of 'splainin' to do here man.

The trailer is killer and we can't wait to head to Georgia at the the end of the month. We have been holed up here painting and letting the boob tube suck on on brains for almost two months now...so we are ready to hit the trail. I will post some pics once we hit temps in the teens and it is fit for humans to venture outside again.

Billy has been rocking his paintings since we arrived here...who knew he would be so inspired by barren, frozen corn fields and tree skeletons? He's amazing. I am trying to peddle the last of my vintage and get organized for our upcoming journey.

I'll be back soon with pictures and more of our upcoming plans. Until then be sure to check out Billy's new listings via the link to our store on the right here >>>>>>>>>>>

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