Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The End is NEAR.

The title of this post has multiple meanings. Meaning #1. We are indeed leaving Santa Fe in three short weeks. #2. The whole world seems to have been turned upside down and everyone in America is about to consume enough food tomorrow to feed half of Africa for a week. So...the way I see it, the humble turkey has been elected mascot for the end of the world, or at least the end to what was left of human sanity. I am sure it is a job in which he would rather not be employed. I mean...the local grocery stores have manned their parking lots with police officers just to get past the onslaught of shoppers hellbent on purchasing cranberries in a can and other sage-y extras. It's just plain weird people. Why do we feel that the date tomorow somehow empowers us to consume three times the amount we would on any other day? Or that the date tomorrow somehow creates a mystical circle of warmth and happiness around our families, relatives and friends that we do not acknowledge on barely any other day of the year? I find these things you? It IS nice to get together and break bread with folks we care about...but it is weird to ONLY do it because you have been told it is the date to do so and then to stuff yourself blind in the process. We will be consuming our polyester tofu turkey tomorrow. Don't get me wrong...I have nostalgic Thanksgiving Day memories from childhood and I enjoy the concept of peeps stopping for a moment to dwell on the good things in their life. But still, there is something there that smacks of bizarre overindulgent brainwashing. This blog seems to be turning into my soap box for holiday bashing. As Popeye so eloquently said..."I yam what I yam." Yes too.

SO! Now that I have spewed forth with my Thanksgiving Day bashing...
the other topic at hand is our impending move from Santa Fe. The yard sale went off without a hitch. Well... a slight hitch does exsist in that we did not sell every single item we had to offer. But these things are being dealt with in a somewhat inefficient and last minute manner. "Everythig must go" is still our standing motto. Included in that everythig is Dolly...our VW camper. Asking someone to buy Dolly is like asking someone to give you money to watch your sick dog that will pee on their carpet and steal their money in the night. So...any takers on that proposition? Yah...I didn't think so.

We are still painting...right up until the end. I am working on a 30 x 90 commission piece and Billy is currently obsessed with mastering "values." He wanders around the house and yard with a little view finder type gadget peeping through at things to see what their values are. Not to be confused with their morals or ideals...just where they fall on the color charts...thats all. I'll post pictures of the results of both occupations once they have come to a fruitful end. Until then...

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