Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chocolate. Snow. California Dreamin'.

Things are lookin' up a bit here in the heart of Winter. Can't really say why...but I feel like we have made the final turn in the curvy road we have been struggling on to a more straight pathway as of today. Of course it could all be an ILLUSION a la Doug Henning, but I am goin' with the vibe for now.

We started the day off with my Mom cheerfully crafting these sweet treats in celebration of V.D.

We have had our share of exercise keeping the driveway passable this week. Hopefully enough to even out the caloric score against the chocolate cupcakes. Billy McLane "Master Shoveler" was able to keep a bright attitude while laboring through the drifts. That's why we love him.

Billy has also been peeling off some pretty fine paintings this past week. He has done a really great series of the farmland and creek out back of my parents house. This new addition to that series is probably one the best he has done. I love the drifting snow done with the palette knife.

And another piece from when we were out in Big Sur, California. It is no small feat to capture this landscape successfully on canvas. If you have ever driven that coast line you know the saying 'larger than life' does not even come close to describing it. I love seeing it in's really better than a photo for me, much more atmospheric. This piece will be up on eBay as of tonight for auction. The snow piece above will go into the store.

I completed three jewelry pieces today which I have not had a chance to shoot pics of yet. It felt really good to be working with those materials again. I plan to stock my shop on with some of my new work starting this week. I will post here once I get it rolling.

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