Thursday, February 22, 2007

The SUN! For one day anyway.

We have finally named the trailer....The Peanut. There are a few reasons for this. #1. It is suggestively reminiscent of a peanut-y type shape. #2. Our bank rep who handled the loan on the trailer was named Ms. Pino but we came to (secretly) call her Peanut before the close of the deal. It is a sort of a tribut to Ms. Pino (Peanut) as well as an appropriate feeling term for our little home inside an aluminum shell. In less than a week now we will be rolling that Peanut down the highway headed South.

We spent some time out in the Peanut today and Billy performed a nap see how it worked out for him. He seemed quite content with the results even though it was only 35 degrees.

The weather is supposed to go to Hell again as of tomorrow so the party is over for now. I think it is supposed to remain in SUCK (sleet, wind, freezing rain and snow) mode right up until the day we leave. I cannot drive away from Winter soon enough or fast enough.

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