Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in Fanta Se...and a Halloween rant in general.

Hit the streets of Santa Fe on Halloween and what you will quickly realize is that you are not really too sure if people are wearing costumes...or just their regular every day clothing. We have cowboys, gypsies, gurus and the folks I like to call "The Health Nut Zombies" which are the people who are so freakin' healthy they actually look sickly and they sometimes wear 80's type work out clothing (complete with stretchy terry cloth sweatbands), if not that they are wrapped in what looks like 14 bed sheets made of hemp. So, as I was saying....real cowboy or costumed cowboy? Real white lady who is convinced she's an Indian Priestess or costumed Indian Priestess? This is why they call it "The City Different." We have a nice assortment of intense individuals here who are on full display like peacocks in Spring, all a-quiver with their colorful feathers blazing, literally. It makes for a fun atmosphere every day of the year...not just on Halloween.
I have never understood why any number of outfits or ideas are considered fair game for a Halloween costume. We have lost scope of what Halloween is truly supposed to be...a cheerleader, Barbie or Elmo really has nothing to to with anything. Not unless you spray fake blood all over the cheerleader's uniform and stick an axe in the middle of her forehead. Also...it is really bizarre that people dress their kids (or themselves for that matter) as Indians, Geisha's or any other ethnicity. As if that is a "pretend costume." Now...if you are going to be a vampire Geisha...I will give you leeway there... or a werewolf Indian guy. That works on some odd level of rationalization too. Because you have again entered the realm of all things Halloweenie. Monsters, zombies, black cats, witches, 14 eyed sea monsters and the like are all where it's at. I will admit though...it all depends on how you look at a thing. Barbie....is scarey, as well as Elmo and other random, modern children's idols. Actually in some ways Barbie is way creepier than any half rotten, green faced zombie could ever dream of being. The zombie may eat your physical brains out...but Barbie will leave a deep, charred black pit where a thing called "your soul" used to reside. On that note...I think I have said enough. Have a spooky Halloween and watch out for the horrible, hideous, prowling fairy princesses. They will blind you with their pink fluffiness and eat all your candy before you can say "Bibbity Babbety BOO."

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