Friday, October 20, 2006

Pre Hook Up...Everything must GO.

Welcome to our humble adobe abode. This will remain home for the next 7 weeks or so. Then we are outta here to head to Illinois for Christmas and into the new year. If it does not fit into the back of Big Berta (our truck) it does not get to come with.

So...It's not your typical household. It's just not. It's a custom built, order in chaos, lookie what I found! type of a situation in here. But it is soon to be disassembled, sold and will be just a memory. Onward and upward as they say! A few weeks from now we are hosting a yard of those "Everything MUST GO!" sales. Because truly...everything really MUST go. It should prove to be an interesting sale...tons of vintage clothes, weird craft shit and a smattering of furniture. I say a smattering because that is all we have to begin with. All of this will put us one step closer to our new Airstream Trailer...which is the real goal here.

This site will document the phases of getting oursleves into a trailer...and then once we hit the road it will chronicle the trip itself. A trip which may last as long as three years. We will be painting on the road and selling our artwork as a means for survival. All pickles, TP, Earl Grey tea and popsicles will be purchased with the proceeds from our art sales...not to mention paying our truck payment etc. This is serious stuff people.

To view our current art auctions on eBay...

Thanks for your mental, physical and metaphysical support.

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