Sunday, October 29, 2006

Billy Pimps Our Ride...and this blog site cramps my style., you cause me great pain on this day. I wrote out my whole "thing" and YOU LOST IT! Technical difficulties make me want to crack you one upside your bloggy head. I go again.

Yesterday was the big day when our anxiously awaited package arrived...our brand new, special ordered airbrushed custom front truck tag. What? Yah...I hear's totally rad baby. It's got the big red puffy hearts for a background with "Billy & Juju" scrawled across the front. I now feel so a part of the world of silly truck accessories and the people who embrace them as a total neccesity.
So now that our new accessory has been firmly bolted to Big Berta's face....we are ready for anything. Billy mentioned he was afraid that our new tag would qualify us for an ass whippin' in some areas of the country. To which I replied...Oh no! This will be just the thing that KEEPS us from getting an ass whippin' honey! Besides, who would want to beat up a couple of superfly geeks like us?

So now the question carve or not to carve? I have this big ole punkin sittin' in the dining room in all it's lovily gourdiness waiting for me to hack into it with our one dull, crappy butcher knife. Tonight? Or wait til tomorrow? I am feeling sad and droopy due to the Daylight Savings Time torture device which has been applied to my brain I may go ahead and wait until tomorrow to do the hacking.

I finished a new, small painting today which will be listed up on eBay tonight at around's a nice one if I do say so myself. Even though it looks a wee bit dullish in this photo here. I is ohhh so riveting in person.

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