Saturday, January 07, 2012

Late Saturday Afternoon

I finished up the work week today and now have three days off. Yessssssss. This is a very good thing. It puts my head in a good place and I almost immediately feel my creative juices flowing. It's winter. It's kinda slow around these parts.... but I have a list a mile long of stuff I want to do. One of the top things on that list is to get back to shooting photos if not daily at least three times a week or so. I'm tired this afternoon and SORE (thanks FRANK!) so I did not wander far but thankfully I don't have to. Our homestead here is about as inspirational as anything you could hope for.  I went out and wandered around the property and caught the moon rising over the mountains and there was gorgeous light everywhere.

Hope you are having a cozy and inspiring weekend.

Our front door, a tapestry I found at the thrift this summer

Down the hall by Adam's. 

The Old Bike

La Luna

Beautiful Moon

Winter Tunnel

Good Night Little Fatty!
These are my favorite winter birds here. They are so common and plain jane but adorable all the same. 


Gordon Nicholds said...

Ă‘ice work, B!!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Beautiful photos! I love the moonrises...and the winter tunnel.

Bethany said...

Thanks Cap!

Hi Karen... Yeah, the moon was so pretty last night. It's become a thing for me these past few months watching the moon. I feel sort of like it's watching me too.

Peter said...

keep up the photo shoots Very nice I like the abstract compositions esp winter tunnel. remindes me of some little paintings I've been doing You can see them at www.artforpetesake.blogspot.oom