Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 and an attempt to blog again....

Our front gate at El Zaguan, Christmas Eve farolito walk on Canyon Rd, 2011

I think I made about 5 or 6 posts here total in 2011. Not so chatty this past year I suppose. It's not for lack of a lot of stuff happening though.... we moved back across the country from Nantucket to Santa Fe, landed an artist residency on Canyon Rd, made tons of fabulous new friends, Billy had a very successful solo show at the gallery here where we live and was featuring in an article about artists in Airstream Life magazine. We helped friends Jeff and Kari open their new, from scratch donut shop (where I still work now) and life marches on with all it's tricky curve balls and moments of beauty intertwined. We all have another year under our belts, albeit a tough one for a lot of us.

I used to post long stories here and loads of photos. For now I hope to pop in a few times a week and just share what's up... even if it's just every day simple stuff. No sense in back peddling and trying to fill in the gap from now going back to my last post which was over 6 months ago.... I am just gonna stick with here and now. Cool? Kosher? You dig?

Happy New Year everyone.... let's do everything we can to make it a good one.

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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I dig! Just make sure to give me the occasional Rudy photo and I'll be happy. :)

Glad you're back.