Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's ME! Yeah... I know right? Where the HELL have I been? I have been in the land void of internet that's where. It sucks. It's scary and it gives me a wicked tummy ache. We are still waiting to get Qwest out to the new apartment to get online. Word on the street is we should have it in the bag sometime in the next six days. But don't hold your breath on that one.

Our new apartment is great... we are sloooowly, ever so slooowly gathering furniture and getting settled in. I have been working at the chocolate shop and spending my days off trying to get caught up with everything else. The blog will continue to languish for another week or so til I can get on the net at home. I am currently hooked in at the Ecco gelato shop downtown. If ever you find yourself in Santa Fe this is not to be missed. It's on Marcy St and the gelato really kicks ass.

I celebrated my 37th birthday about a week ago. We went out to eat to Pasqual's and had a great day of chilling out... shooting pics with my new 50mm lens (thanks Mom & Dad!) and enjoying our new pad.

Since Billy and Rudy are sitting here with me waiting for me to finish up so we can walk around downtown I am going to keep this short. I will throw a few pics on... anyone who is friends with me on facebook has seen these already but... that's the way the cookie crumbles people.

Billy and Rudy playing dungeons and dragons.

Some shots from my B-Day...

So please bear with me... I will be back to writing regularly as soon as we get online at home..... Hope everyone is still having a great summer. Cheers!

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