Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday in the Park

Yes, it's true. TWO posts in ONE weekend. Some kind of planets must be aligned somewhere or somethin'. Soak it up! It could be months before I appear again. Or it could be tomorrow. I like to keep you in suspense.

So this morning we met our new friends Christopher and Jana in the park behind our house. They have two dogs Chico and Mugsy so they and Rudy have their own little social party while we humans sit around in the grass and chew the fat.

Mugsy pretty much lays low... he's an old dude. Rudy and Chico switch it up between chasing each other, attempting to hump one another and making drive by passes looking for people food. As Jana had brought homemade banana bread the dogs spent more time make google eyes at us than playing chase. Those dogs are a bunch of weenies.

It's great to have the park right here to go hang out in. There are always other dogs and the real live grass is quite a novelty in Santa Fe. We don't have much of it here. This next picture is so stupid I can barely stand it.

After the park we pretty much laid low and lazy at home, had a visit with Michelle and then went for a late afternoon walk in the rain.

We decided it might be a good evening to hit the Dale Ball trail head up the road to see what the view of the sky over the mountains was like since storm clouds were rolling in.

We did not get to walk long because it started to really pour... but it was worth the effort to see the clouds coming in. I love that we have such quick easy access to the mountains here where we live.

Back to work tomorrow. I am going to bring our camera and see if I can grab some shots of what our work day is like on Monday's when Billy comes in to make chocolate with me.

Hope y'all had a good weekend. Peace!

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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Thank you! I needed a Rudy fix. :)