Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Storms in NM

All these pics were taken tonight.... it was such a mind blowing, beautiful sky. We had a blast wandering around shooting pics and watching the show. I am so glad to be back in Santa Fe.


Missy B said...

All of the pictures are so incredible. I like your new jumping's a great one to add to your collection.

Good luck with the chocolatiering!

Raven said...

Man, those photos are soooo gorgeous. I would kill for skies like that. Really. I'd give anything for a storm of any's been like 6 years....ack. Dumb west coast. I'll have to visit NM one of these days.

El Nino just arrived which means extra-crazy storms in the SW this year.

sybil said...

nice work. you got the eye! xo

jani said...

Bethany,Good luck in your new place!We actually moved again too.Our condo that we were renting sold,so we just moved upstairs in the building to a slightly larger unit. Its cool.
If you gotta be someplace, Santa Fe looks like the place to be. Good luck with your jobs as well. You guys lucked out!

april said...

These photos are breathtaking! Absolutely amazing!