Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting Settled

Whew! It has been a wild change of pace for us over the past few weeks since we left Mendocino. Up there we were sort of floating around in a slow paced fog wearing layers of long sleeves and woolen sweaters and suddenly now we are stinking hot in the Santa Fe sun in 90 + degree temps, zipping back and forth across town in traffic and working on a real live schedule (something that we have not done in years.) I have been a little overwhelmed and a lot exhausted since we got here. But! Things are starting to shape up and settle down now.

My new job is great and I am so thrilled to have scored such a cool gig. I start my chocolatier training tomorrow. Up until now I have been learning the general ropes of the shop and just getting acclimated to the whole scene there. One bit of interesting news is that Billy is actually going to be helping out working one or two days a week cooking at the shop. He will be making the caramel, toffee and the pate (6 flavors of ganache style chocolate enrobed in wax for easy traveling and longevity.) He starts tomorrow training with Keith (one of the owners) on how to cook all these goodies up in a huge copper kettle. It will be funny to have him there at work with me. Rudy will benefit from this in that he gets to go spend the days we work together at the doggie day care which is right next door. The place is called Santa Fe Tails. It's a new business and they seem to be doing a great job so far. One of the best things about the place is that they have web cams set up so you can check in on your dog while they are there playing for the day. They also take each dog out for a walk at the railyard park across the street. Rudy had a blast the last time we dropped him off for the day although the dudes working there did mention that Rudy was a pistol and they could hardly even believe his energy levels. Yo. Tell me about it.

My biggest news to report is that as of August 1st we will be taking a break from the Airstream. Probably a long break other than occasional weekend trips. We just rented a little place right on Canyon Rd and will be moving in the first of next month. We are doing this because the RV parks in and around Santa Fe are just not aesthetically pleasing to me, they are almost as expensive as a casita rental and in the winter here we would freeze our ass off in the trailer. So we will be putting the old girl in storage for awhile. I guess I am ready for a change of living quarters since we have been in the AS for a solid year straight and on and off for almost three years now. Our new place is really sweet... it's not very big but it will suit our purposes quite well. And the location is as good as it gets. We can walk down Canyon Rd and into town in a matter of minutes. I can't wait to move in. Even though we have no furniture! It will be heaven to have a real live big bathroom (and tub) again.... and a full kitchen with counter space! I love our Airstream but variety is the spice of life baby. I am ready to live without wheels under my bed for a minute here.

So with all that said... on to the fun stuff. Yesterday we drove out to Abiquiu, one of my favorite places in the whole of the USA. We had the intention of spending the afternoon and early evening out on the lake in our kayak waiting to shoot photos at dusk. The weather had other plans for us unfortunately. We had only been in the lake for about 5 minutes when the storm clouds starting rolling in and the lightening started dancing across the horizon. Lightening in northern NM is nothing to fool around about.... especially out in the middle of a big assed flat lake. We paddled around a bit, pulled of to have a late lunch and then high tailed it back to the launch site before we got zapped. Also the wind was making paddling around a stupidly huge effort so it was best to give it up for the day. After we got the kayak secured back on the truck we cruised over to Ghost Ranch to shoot some pics.

Rudy was pissed that we did not let him out of the truck at Ghost Ranch but in light of the fact that the bubonic plague is on the loose in the flea population of the area we felt it best that his hairy little ass stayed put inside. The last thing we need is him sticking his snout in some rodent hole and bringing home a host of black plague party animals to roost in our bed sheets.

The next two weeks will entail a lot of cleaning, organizing and prep for moving along with training at work so bear with me if posting is light. I'll do my best to jump on and post some pics and a few stories as the days roll by.


Peter said...

I sense you're glad and sad to be off the road. You couldn't have picked a better place. Canyon Rd.! Cool. Land of galleries. I hope it's a good location for Billy to sell some work. I'd be interesteed to hear what the economy has done to the art scene there. I know it used to be huge. Probably still is by most standards. I'm guessing the lack of art sales is part of the decision to stop for a while. ( it sure is hurting me!) Any way, I think it's alittle sad you are getting off the road for what ever reason, after all that's why you started this blog. One of the things I find most interesting about your life style is the moving around and painting for a living. Getting to know different parts of the country. I totally get wanting to stop after having lived on boats and a converted school bus myself in the early 70's (pre winnabago era) It has it's limitations but it sure is adventureous, interesting and fun. You see it as temperary I hope life doesn't grab your ass and sit you down. (ha just listening to Alice Peacock sing a song on Sirus,The Loft called "real Life" about that very thing) I'm guessing that, in part, this journey was/is about finding a place to "park the bus". Maybe this is it. Keep us posted on life at the chocolate factory and Billy's painting adventures. (more about that if you feel up to it) Keep writting, you're good at it.

Peter said...

Hey I forgot to mention. you like to follow the adventures of other folks. A friend and his 13 year old daughter are bicycleing across the country

Bethany said...

Hi Peter... Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Yeah... we are both glad and sad to be holding still for a minute. We have had an incredible time on the road these past few years but this past year has been really tough with the economy taking a serious chunk out of our income. It was near impossible to move about as freely and be as carefree about our travel as we were in the past. And California was straight up killin' us. Too expensive! Our plan is to stick put here until our bills are paid off and we are pretty much debt free again. So however long that takes..... ummmmmm, yeeeahhhhh. Could be a couple years! But AFTER that goal has been attained we will certainly be ready to roll again.

Billy is definitely going to try to nail down a gallery here in Santa Fe. The art scene here is still alive but very much depressed from it's usual zesty sales point.

Don't worry about us loosing our gypsy ways. I don't think they will ever go away. We just need to refuel. Sitting still for a year or two will make the road that much more exciting when we can hit it again!

Thanks for the link to your friends site. I will check it out.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Catching up here, but--congrats on the new gig and home! I can imagine that it will feel good (if a little sad) to take a break from being on wheels all the time. (I *have* been keeping up with your beautiful photos by the way!) Hope Billy has lots of sales, and maybe you'll get to do some more Etsy-ing? Though it sounds like you'll be busy enough (chocolate pate?!? omg, yum, who knew?)!

About Rudy and the nanny cam: it has always been my dream to have a camera trained on Lucy when we are away from her, but I fear it might only show her napping, which is her favorite activity. I bet that Rudy is giving those other pups a run for their money. Go, Rudy!

(P.S.--Thanks in part to your encouragement, I have started to blog.) :)