Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning

***YAAAWWWWNNNNN***** Hey y'all. How goes it for everyone out there in the world on this chilly Sunday morning? I just crawled out of bed and I am trying to get warm and wake up. At this moment those are my biggest plans for the day beside this post. Hopefully once the "waking up" portion of the plan has been realized I will be able to expand upon my possibilities.

I am still taking my thyroid meds. I am convinced that they are causing me to feel like there is a huge lump forming in the back of my throat sort of like the feeling you get when you are about to start crying. Sooo, that means what? That my thyroid is swollen? That I am loosing my mind? That I am on the brink of anaphalactic shock? I am calling my doctor tomorrow to discuss the full range of probable answers. I don't trust this stuff.

The little campground (Saddle Mountain RV Resort) where we are living is really hopping this weekend. Even the tent sites are full and it has been getting petty chilly at night for tent camping. I am glad to see people up there though because these are some of the coolest tent sites you could hope for on a camping trip. There is a trail that switchbacks up the side of the mountain the tent sites are scattered along and then eventually the trail just keeps on by itself all the way up to the top. We have yet to go all the way to the tippy toe top of the mountain because we always seem to head up that way at dusk and don't have time to make it back up and down before dark falls. The trail winds through some really gorgeous woods... I love these woods and man are they photogenic. You wind in and out of old oak groves and really eerily serene stands of pine. Here are a few shots I took last night while out on a walk at dusk.

Beautiful right? The next time we go up I will get a few shots of the view looking out over Carmel Valley. You can see all the way to the ocean on a clear day. I love that we have this walk right out our front door. It's a good work out too.... steep all the way up.


Si said...

Hi guys,

I came across your blog via the Delightful Blogs ( website. I had been looking for an "interactive map type thingy" for plotting a journey that my wife and I are about to embark on across South East Asia and East Africa. Thanks to your blog I have now discovered the excellent tool that is Jauntlet! You also have the cutest dog!!!

Best wishes for the rest of your trip, Simon

Bethany said...

Hi Simon! Glad you found the widget for the map. It is a cool one eh? We will be sure to check out your blog. It sounds like your trip is going to be amazing! Safe travels!

Anonymous said...