Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Changes

Howdy doodies. So this past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. I landed a job as an art consultant at a gallery downtown in Carmel and started a few days ago. Quite a switch up from our original plans of camp hosting in Big Sur. There have been some wardrobe issues mainly due to the fact that Patagonia wind pants are not exactly the right apparel for selling oil paintings. At least not at this particular gallery they are not. And congratulations to you if you work in a gallery where wind pants ARE appropriate. I want to know where that gallery is and plan my future around it. I am much better equipped to work at the wind pants gallery than at the grown up lady clothes galleries of the world.

Anyway... I am a working thug again. Back in the saddle as they say. I love being in downtown Carmel and when I get off work I can walk down to the beach in less than 5 minutes which is fantastic. Although... the party will be over as of November second when the time change occurs and we all have to deal with it getting dark at 2 in the afternoon for the next 5 months.

I am working a big opening event for a watercolor artist this Saturday and plan to shoot some photos that day. I will be sure to post some up here for all to see. Until then.... I have today and tomorrow off and am hoping to get to see my good friend Bernadette who is visiting California from out East for the next few days. Bernadette was my saviour when I first moved out to Nantucket in 2000. She gave me a job, fed me, helped me cope with the enormity of the disaster that my life was at that moment in time and introduced me to all the island's characters. I have not seen her in several years and hope we can swing a visit today or tomorrow before I have to head back to work for the weekend.

Also.... I started up another blog to chronicle the days and nights of DOG in Carmel. It's the most dog friendly city in the universe you know. You can see this new blog at

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