Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Huh? Wha?

Yeah. I am feelin' kind of spaced out and thinkie all at the same time. Anybody else ever feel like this? It's a weird way to be feeling. I don't know if I mentioned it at all in the past few weeks but I got all adult like and found myself a real live doctor here in Carmel and went in even though there was nothing acutely wrong with me and got a real live check up. They ran a full panel of blood tests and I went in yesterday to get the results. As it turns out I seem to have hypothyroidism. This does not surprise me all that much seeing as how I have been feeling really tired for ooohhhhhh, about the past 24 years. So today I started on meds to combat this problem. The meds are coming from a source that makes my brains turn inside out with disgust and horror but the alternative is a synthetic med that research shows to not be as effective in treating this particular problem. The pills I am taking are made of ground up pig thyroid. B-A-R-F. It makes me feel like I have a tennis ball made of pure dread stuck in my throat to think about it. But I dutifully swallowed down my pig gut pill this morning anyway. I guess it takes weeks and weeks for any results to be felt in the course of taking these pills (they actually call them "grains". ) And I may have to take them for the rest of my life. It's like the old questions... how many grains of sand in the desert? Except mine will be... how many grains of pig thyroid choking my soul? Whatever. If I feel like I can leap buildings in a single bound without needing a nappie afterward 6 weeks from now I guess it will all be worth it.

The doc also gave me some samples of tryptophan to help me sleep at night. I have been battling insomnia for a few weeks (months, years) on and off. I took two (even though I was told to take three) last night and THAT is not happening again. I was still slurring and teetering around at 1 o'clock this afternoon like 14 hours after I had taken the things. Just bizarre. I will continue to fly the night skies on my own weird personal ride of wakeful sleeping in lieu of a stupefying tryptophan slow boat to nowhere. I still woke up for about three hours of doped out sleeplessness last night... so they really did me no good whatsoever. Any one else out there had a different experience with these? Do tell!

Other than all this B.S. that is totally boring and self indulgent for me to be writing about... not a whole lotta lotta is going on. We took Rudy down to Dog City by the Sea Beach today and he ran his fannie off with numerous glamorous Carmel pooches. We forgot the camera this time so I have no evidence. Also... Rudy almost pooped in a coffee shop. It was sort of an accident. A poop emergency that snuck up on him. It wasn't like he was maliciously pooping to ruin any one's day. I was paying at the counter and Billy was trying to get coffee over at the self service counter and suddenly Rudy was twisting and curling around on the floor mat trying to deal with a rogue dingleberry that had emerged secretly from his derriere. Billy (thankfully) realized what was playing out and abandoned his coffee errand to whisk Rudy out on to the sidewalk to extricate the nugget. Are you not glad that I share these gems of info with you all?

So there you have it. Have a lovely Tuesday night folks.

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