Sunday, September 21, 2008

True Grit

So tomorrow Rudy's poop will be full of sand. It can't really be good the amount of sand he seems to swallow every time we take him to the beach. He just gets his mouth totally full of it. He goes crazy. I don't know.... maybe it is the ultimate fiber experience or something. He loves it.

Today was our last day in Carmel so we went to the town beach for a good long while. Rudy is doing better with coming when called and staying when told to stay. I thought it would never happen. Usually if he even lays eyes on another dog (and it does not matter if said dog is 3/4 of a mile away) he rips off straight for them. Carmel's beach is a totally dog friendly place and dogs are allowed to be off lead but I personally think we look like assholes if we let him run like a nut way far away from us. So we have been battling this habit and it seems that we are finally making headway and coming to a place where everyone can be happy. We had fun today because we were not screaming "RUDY...NO! NO! Rudy COME!" every 6 seconds.

We dig holes...

We people watch (and dog watch)

And generally just hang out...

There are of course still moments when he reverts to demon like behavior. I think it will always be this way. He is dog... he is dirty. It does make for some super funny photos, that's for sure. Sometimes I think he is part terrier and part swamp thing... if there is a dirty, muddy pond to dive into he is there every time.

And for the next 5 minutes after getting wet he rips around growling and snarling. It's quite entertaining. It's all fun and games until the next morning you look over and see this happening...

Those are my pillows. Where I lay my CLEAN FACE at night to go to sleep. Sigh. Oh well... my immune system is probably the stuff of legend now that it is dealing with that dirt on a daily basis.

I think that will finish it for today. Have a great week peeps and I will report in from Big Sur once we get set up down there.


Katie said...

Dogs do love the beach! Rudy looks like he's having a blast. We took Althea (the cat) to the beach once. She loved the bay, where we were staying. She would have loved the beachside too, if we were staying there. Her first and only trip over to it was iffy.
So nice to see you and yours.

Bethany said...

Katie... I love the idea of your cat on a beach. What a funny image. Especially if it is normally an indoor kitty. Just think twice before ever bringing kitty to Carmel Beach.... at any given moment there are about 40 or 50 dogs running loose on this one. Kitty would have a rough scene to contend with here!

Katie said...

St George Island Florida is dog friendly too. That's where we were. She's an indoor/outdoor cat who learned very quickly that going outside at the beach meant putting on a harness and leash. She didn't mind, after the initial shock wore off from when I dropped the flexie and it chased her into the house and up the stairs. :)