Monday, September 01, 2008


So yeah... Rudy has taken to life on the ranch just like a fly to shit. Literally. We tried to take him out last night for a few hours to walk the ranch and shoot photos at sundown and we ended up with him once again attacking a herd of cattle and then jumping into a shallow muddy cow pasture pond and THEN he started rolling in fresh cow shit. Let me give you a quick visual run down. Here is the moment he decided to disobey me a shoot back down the hill after the cows...

I had to run all the way back down there after him and wade through thorny weeds and fresh poop to grab him up. We got back to the top of the hill and he spotted the pond and WHAM! Off he went again. I think this first picture sums up the luxurious moment he had by the side of the pond.

Can you even stand it? Make way for The E Coli Kid! He is seriously more like a pig than a dog. Disgusting. Do you see the copious amounts of poop he is intimately involved with there? Yeah.

So we spent the rest of the time walking around trying to keep him off and away from us. We got some cool photos even with him cramping our style.

When we got back to the house I pinned Rudy down and shot him with the freezing cold water from the hose for awhile trying to wash him off. Pay back is a bitch little dude... nobody gets to come in to the trailer covered in poo. We had to put him in the shower and scrub him to get satisfactory results. He was beyond misery by the time it was over.

He also chewed up Riley's Ken doll today. So... that being said... he is grounded. Riley was stroking Ken's chewed up arms saying "It's OK Ken... I'm sorry." I tried to explain to her that while Ken may look a mess he still had a smile on his face and I was sure he felt fine. She was not convinced.

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