Friday, September 26, 2008


Our shiny little space ship in the forest....

Hi you internet people... I just wanted to post a quick update on our scene out here in Big Sur. We have a big change of plans that has landed on our sunshiny faces these past few days. The park we were set up to live in for the next three months is officially closing for the whole coming season. To access the campground you have to cross a bridge that runs over the Big Sur River and they are afraid that once the rainy season begins there will be a lot of flash flooding carrying debris down river from the fires this past summer. The bridge would more likely than not be washed out completely by these floods. So... they are going to pull the bridge out before the rains begin. This leaves no access to the campground, therefor it has to be closed down. It can rain heavily here beginning in October through to around March so it will not be opening back up any time soon.

So where does that leave us? Yeah! Good question! We are trying to figure that out right now actually. We may head north up near Mendocino (that is my first choice) or we may end up down near San Luis Obispo at San Simeon State Park. It all depends on where we can secure a spot. We can hang out here until they announce that the bridge is coming out... it could be a week or two at best I think. Then we have to hit the road.

We have no internet service where we are right now.... so updates will be few and far between until we land somewhere else. It is beautiful here (even despite the fact of damage done by the fires) and we are trying to soak up as much as we can before we head out.


Missy B said...

that sucks about big sur...hopefully your new spot will be just as exciting (without any worries of flash floods).
by the way, love all the dirty Rudy pics!

Bethany said...

Hi Michelle... send us a pizza will you?