Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Hampshire Blues

I wish there was a reference point in the above photo so you could truly see how enormous that dragonfly was. It may have been the biggest one I have ever seen. If you have not yet clicked on the photo to blow up the pic... he was nicely striped in a suit of blue and black. There are a bazillion dragonflies out on the lake, especially over in the river where all the lily pads are... but this one really made an impression on me as being special.

Today is a mellow rainy day at the lake. We did go into Tamworth this morning to a farmer's market with Mark and his Mom (who is 94, cute as a button and a real pleasure to spend time with.) We bought some locally grown flowers and Mark bought tons of produce and some fresh homemade bread which we devoured toasted with butter upon arriving back at the cottage.

In keeping with my "blue" theme... Mark, Billy and I ventured out to "a secret location" near the lake to pick blueberries. After an hour or so picking we came out of the woods with about 6 quarts of the best, sweetest berries you can imagine. There are so many of them out there it boggles the mind. You could not even think about coming close to picking them all. We have enough to make 6 pies. And we probably will make 6 pies. And eat them all too.

One interesting discovery we have made is that Rudy LOVES blueberries. He was poking his nose in anywhere we were picking and demanding berries to be hand fed to him. Eventually he figured out how to spot and pick them himself and continued to gorge himself. We are still waiting to see if he gets sick from eating too many. Look closely in this photo and you will see the pink puppy tongue in anticipation of the berry in my hand...

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Momo said...

For some reason Rudys face hair looks blue in this truck.....blueberry boat....actual I guess Blue Rudy should come as no surprise