Monday, July 16, 2007

The Days and Nights of Hedgie

Well. I will be the first to admit that I have sucked lately when it comes to posting. I realize this at random moments and honestly feel sort of helpless to do anything about it. Why? It's the Hedgie Effect...

Yes. Meet Hedgie. He has become an IMPORTANT player in our every day lives. And I feel he is very representational of the overall theme of daily life. He is tired. He is begging for mercy. His nose has been chewed into a bizarre spaghetti like sculpture reaching high to the heavens for salvation. Yet somehow...he endures. Who is the cause of this stress? Who could be so unkind?

Please note the evil intent in the eye. Please note...Hedgie is not the only one at the receiving end of that dirty business. We have entered a phase of rebellion in our small household. Rudolph McLane is testing his boundaries. There was "The Watermelon Incident." The "Why Pee Outside When you can Pee INSIDE Dilemma." There is the development of "This Whole Bed Belongs to ME now." And finally the "I think I will eat this WHOLE STICK OF BUTTER while your not looking!" disaster. Of course we still have to get up and go "Out" at 5:20 in the A.M. to pee and get multiple mosquito bites. Don't get me wrong though.... it's not all fire and brimstone and tears of blood. We do have the occasional respite from the battle.

I should also mention that Rudy has a girlfriend. She lives next door (she is also an Airstreamer...and is very exotic in that she is from Alaska) and her name is Katie. She is a lovely 2 year old Basset Hound. There's is a relationship which must survive on short, tangled romps while on the leash and desperate stares out the window at one an other's comings and goings throughout the day. When they do get to meet up out in the yard Rudy acts as though Katie's face were a saddle custom made for his body and he was meant to ride her like a mechanical bull. The weird thing is she seems to like it. I will have to make an attempt to capture this on the camera before the week is out.