Monday, April 02, 2012

Another one bites the dust...

Another one meaning the spring bloom that has already gotten off to a rapid start here in Northern New Mexico. Check it out.... this is happening right now.

Whatever. I know it pretty much happens every year. But still! Bullshit! Why can't we just get RAIN!? I think I can count in one hand how many times it has rained here in the past year. Ok. Rant over. On the bright side this should squash my allergies for the next two or three days which is actually just shy of being miraculous.

In other news.... we are still working through Greg's passing. We had a memorial service and party in his honor this past weekend. I had a chance to sit quietly one last time in the living room late one night before the majority of Greg's personality was removed from the room.... the next morning many of the carpets, furnishings and paintings departed to new homes.

And you know you are at the right party when there are clay sculptures of Conquistador heads, empty whisky bottles and homemade nutter butter cookies filled with peanut butter buttercream.

Max and Greg's brother Steve continue to unearth the most fabulous old pictures of Greg.

What a total and complete ham. And cool cat. Right? Like I have said before... Greg was a gem. I am so glad to have known him the little bit that I did.

Not much else has been happening. We attempted a yard sale this past Sunday. It was stupid. We were disorganized and no one came. I made $34. I deserved to make less. People really should have been driving by and throwing water balloons at us for the audacity of pretending like we mattered at all out there in the driveway with our measly offerings. We will make a better effort again in a few weeks. I think. We shall see.

The last thing I guess I have to report (confess) is that I made THIS last night. We ate the whole thing. I gave one end piece to Max and then Billy and I ate the REST of it. Gross. Where is the control? I have no power where good toast is concerned. Therefore I must shy away from all things toasty. Especially when they involve buttermilk and currants. I actually added a fair amount of fresh nutmeg and lemon zest in to the recipe as well as brushing the outside of the loaf with buttermilk before it went into the oven. Hot diggety dog people. It's disastrously delicious and easy to make. Go make some. Right now. Join the club and eat the whole loaf hot out of the oven with butter. You can do it and I won't tell anyone.

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Gordon Nicholds said...

Nice pics! Greg was much more of a character then I ever realized, huge props to Max and you guys for sending him out in style... Hope the weather improves!