Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Photo Tour of the 70's and 80's... and Cake.

I just returned home from a 6 day trip to Illinois to visit family. Whew! 6 days includes the two travel days getting there and back again so I was really only flashing around town in Rockford for 4 days which is really not long enough to do things I would have liked to have done. I haven't been there to visit since last July so there are a lot of people I should have tried to see and say HI to but did not get the chance. Time goes by too fast. I was also seriously lax in taking photos while I was there. I did however shoot a bunch of quick pics of old photos from the picture box so that I would have them on my laptop here for the long haul. These are not scans.... I just took a picture of the picture with my little point and shoot so some of them look pretty shitty... but I am posting them anyway because they are funny. These are in absolutely no particular order.

       My Dad and I at a wedding circa 1977. 

A 25 year old Billy on Nantucket. 

My Grandpa Pete. The coolest guy you could have ever known.

My friend Andrea and I with her new baby Max... this pic is about ten years old. Andrea is battling breast cancer right now and she is one of the people I went home to see specifically. Love you lady! 

One of my super fly school pics from middle school. This dress was a favorite though and if you can score one of these nowadays they sell for hundreds on vintage sites.  Why didn't somebody comb my damned hair before they took the pic? 

My Mom and Dad & Billy and I when we first came home from living in Hawaii about 9 years ago. 

My Mom teething on a Schlitz beer can.

My Gram's family out in the field of their Arkansas cotton plantation. My Gram is the second person in on the left. 

My Mom rocking some fierce bell bottoms and platforms in the early 70's. 

Here are a few from my brief stint modeling when when I was about 14 years old in the 80's. Hilarious. 

Mom and Gram. It still cracks me up to see my Mom with a cigarette in her hand. 

Annnnnd this will be the one that my Mom will kill me for. Sorry. Had to post it. Rock on Gold Dust Woman. 

My Mom and I with our cat Xanadu. Because you named your pets after Olivia Newton John movies back then. 

And finally my Mom dressed up as a witch (vampire?) for Halloween in the early 80's. Look at the tv.... and the fact that there is an actual macrame item hanging on the wood paneled wall. Love it. 

I did snap a couple shots on my last day when we had lunch for my Gram and my Aunt Rose.  

My Gram and I. 

I baked a fresh strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream and Mom made a Thomas Keller mushroom quiche recipe. 

Here's Gram pretending that she baked the cake. 

This is a crappy photo but it's my Mom, Gram, Aunt Rose and I. It was so much fun to have the chance to get together like this. 

Gotta run for today! Hope your Wednesday is shaping up to be a good one. It's gorgeous here in Santa Fe. 


Gordon Nicholds said...

Great, great stuff! Love the pics of a young Rose O., what a hottie!!

Kristiano Costeniero said...

Such a cool set of photos! And, they didn't come out half bad on the point and shoot.

What ever happened to Big Sur???

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and was laughing my way through this post. Clearly we had similar experiences growing up! haha

Bethany said...

Kristiano.... I was offered the job in Bog Sur... but the logistics of moving there right now proved to be a bit too nutty for us. We couldn't find a good place to live there etc. So we decide to do another year in New Mexico. Sooner of later we will land back in Cali though... and then we can shoot some pics together some day?! Now that would be good times!

Peter said...

ok so that was a year ago. What's happening with you guys? I'm actually considering hooking up and heading out my self. Just wanted to touch base maybe gets ome pointers. trailer types and sizes ect. Hope you are having fun.

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