Sunday, November 07, 2010


God Gawd it descended upon us just today. 40 mph wind, 42 degrees outside, rain and it's generally miserable as all Hell. What. Ev. Er. What can be done? You must bake things. That's what can be done. I direct you to Smitten Kitchen (as I have done so many times in the past) and I have probably even linked to this very cake recipe before. So that should really be telling you something. Make the stinkin' cake already.

My Mom sent us a boat load of canned stuff this fall.... Thanks Mom! And in the mix were peaches canned in honey with cloves. We busted in to them to eat with the cake tonight. Sick! I tell ya! Sick!

Other than cake news... we are still getting settled in. Today we managed to clear out most of the random boxes that were loitering around the living room and kitchen. Rudy is still pouting. He always hates it for the first few weeks when we move. At least he has finally started to emerge from the depths of his cave bed. For the past two days you could not even see him he was so deep in there.

We are down to 4 days a week at the bakery so it leaves us with plenty of time to get projects done... Billy will be painting of course and I have a bunch of stuff I want to accomplish this winter. Art projects, recipe testing and plotting for the future. The biggest project of all will be not gaining 30 pounds over the course of the Nantucket winter. Not sure yet how I will tackle THAT one. So far I am not exactly headed in the right direction (glancing sideways at the giant cake on the kitchen counter.)

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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Every time you post I think "I need to bake something" and end up just wishing I was living down the street from you. It would be so much easier (and more fun!).

Rudy looks like he's worried someone's going to tell him it's time to get up. I just had to make Lucy her own cave bed. Since we re-did the bedroom floor and it's no longer carpeted, I have to pile up three folded blankets, then put her bed on top of that, and *then* cover her and her bed up with a full size comforter, in order to keep her in her bed all night! It's ridiculous.