Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Still Moving....

Well, kinda. We are moved in and the old place is cleaned out but it's that whole thing where we are sitting here all sore and tired in a pile of boxes wondering where the Hell to put stuff now. Words of advice.... if you can help it, don't move from one upstairs apartment to another upstairs apartment. Toooo many staaaairs y'all. I was trying to be all bad ass yesterday carrying heavy boxes and bins up to the new place. Billy kept saying... "That's too heavy! Let me get it!" and I was all "HA! I can carry this with my pinkie finger!" Right up until the moment that my knees lit up like someone had poured gasoline on them and then flicked a Zippo open mid shin. Busted. Up. Knees. This my fine friends is one of those "I'm getting OLD" moments. I CAN still carry the heavy shit upstairs.... but I SHOULDN'T carry it upstairs (apparently, according to my stupid knees.) So yeah, I'm still dealing with that, pain.

Otherwise the new digs are great. Clean. Warm. Big. Real Bed. Bath tub. Big Improvement. We are like straight up George and Louise Jefferson up in here.

I have no photos for you. Well, I do.... they are irrelevant to this post about moving. They are of Billy's croissants. I'm postin' them. Because they matter and I want to. FYI Billy is mastering from scratch real croissants people. Who does that, right? Billy does. And he knocks that shit right out the park. Check it....

Can you smell the butter? Because you actually may be able to. Take a deep sniff and let your mind get all doped out on the idea of the perfect flaky, crisp croissant. Yes! Look out Pierre Hermes! Billy's hot on your French pastry tail!

Cheers all.... catch you in a day or so once we get more settled.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I want that croissant! Does Billy ship to Michigan?

I feel your pain on the not being settled. Not on the moving part so much. But ever since we've seriously undertaken this home renovation (which has been over a month now, I'm pretty sure), we've been sleeping in the "bad" guest room bed, stuff is piled in boxes in the living room, and the house has not been cleaned. We could have been an awesome haunted house this Halloween, with the cobwebs alone.

But hey, enough about me! I'm so glad for you guys on your new digs. Don't worry--you'll settle in eventually.

Momo said...

Monsieur Billy

Bethany said...

Karen.... the "bad" guest room bed sounds really, really "bad."

It would be an interesting experiment to see what sort of condition a croissant would be in once it landed in Michigan. Could be funny.