Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Seal Whisperer or.... The Seal Prediction of 2010

So. The results are in. Rudy is not crazy ( at least not in a new even crazier way than we already knew about ) and he apparently has some Aquaman type skills that are straight up ACUTE!

We went down to the beach late this afternoon... same spot the incident occurred yesterday. And here is what we were met with......

Yeah. It's a seal invasion. A possible seal take over? There's way too many of them out there for it to be a casual get together. They are clearly up to no good. We stood gawking at them for a good ten minutes and they showed no signs of moving on or being the least bit concerned by our presence. In fact I think I saw a few of them sticking their tongues out and laughing at us. Let me tell you also.... this was not an isolated group. It was like this the length of the beach. There must have been a hundred seals out there.

How did Rudy know? And what other mysteries of the universe is he solving even now? Incredible.

Other than the gang of aggressive blood thirsty seals it was a lovely (if not quite windy and cold) afternoon.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but I dropped our 18- 135 lens for the Nikon and I F'ing broke it. So we are shooting every lovin' thing with our 50 mm. It was a huge loss out there today to only have this tight little lens to shoot with. The sky was epic. I tried to capture it the best I could.

Another epic event today that should be listed is the Whoopie Pie baking I peeled off at work tonight. I have been wanting to make these for awhile I finally had the chance tonight. Let me tell ya people.... I am a natural born killah in the whoopie pie department.

I want to make whoopie pies for the whole world. It could really be the thing that stops the madness, ya know? If every single person got one at the same time? Cosmic. It would be like the reverse of a black hole.... it would be like Shangri-Whoopie- La!

. I have to go to bed. Have a grand weekend!


Momo said...

Send us some whoopie Sister.......we are all out here needing it.
Rudy and I both know that the seals were there just lining up to order some.
Those are beauties!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Okay, I just had to read out this and the last post to Andy (and Lucy). Lucy is so not surprised. And Andy and I were both nodding our heads--I don't know if it's a terrier thing, or a dog thing, or a nutty terrier thing, but we recognize a lot of Lu in Rudy's behavior (only Rudy is far spunkier!). Please keep us posted on further coastal invasions!

Ach--so sorry about your camera!

Bethany said...

Karen.... can you imagine of we got the two of them together? They would be mind wrestling with whales in the Antarctic. It could make for a good cartoon.... Rudy and Lucy versus the Creatures of the Deep!