Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Dog Stories


Momo said...

that is a mighty fine little dog you have there

Bethany said...

Yes. Little and delicious.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Ohhhh, Rudy! How is he doing? I haven't looked at any blogs for two days now but have been thinking of Rudy.

Andy plays the same sock wars game with Lucy. Now he does it with his bare hand. He used to do it with this insane plush pig puppet, but she would get too vicious with it (I think, not realizing a hand was in there).

Oh, little dogs.

jani said...

Hey Bethany!
so glad to see you guys! Haven't read your blog in so long, looks like you have been busy baking. And Rudy looks great as usual.
We sold our trailer, as we weren't using it and just paying for storage, but I'm looking to get a vintage airstream one of these days.
Punked out on my blog, whatever!got busy on fb instead.

take care!