Monday, November 17, 2008


I am headed to bed but thought I would throw a few photos from our past few days down on Carmel Beach up here for everyone to see. We have had a fabulous weekend of close to 80 degree weather and I was off work both Friday and today so we hit the beach for some sun and to let the canine run free. There were more dogs on the beach today than I have ever seen down there. It was insane with dogs. I thought Rudy would come unglued but oddly enough he stayed by our side for the most part and was pretty mellow. I think most all of the dogs out there were getting their minds blown by the sheer number of living beings moving about on the sand. Rudy did pair up with a few fellow pooches to peel out on the shore though.... here are the best shots.

That basset hound is so goofy looking I can barely even stand it. I love him. I mean this in the best possible way... that is a face that truly says "DUHHHH." And look at the size of his feet! WTH?

My sympathy goes out to all of you who are hunkering down in to winter weather as I write this. I am sure that the party will be over for us here soon as well. No snow of course.... but cold, wet, windy weather is well on it's way.

Off to bed!

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