Friday, November 07, 2008

I Suck

Yeah. How long has it been since I posted? The real question is more like this... "How long has it been since I have experienced anything worth posting?" And the answer would be... An eternity my friends, an eternity.

What news? Oh! I work at a job.... in an art gallery, in Carmel by the Sea, CA. Suddenly and from out of nowhere this is what I am doing!? It has been quite an adjustment in a variety of ways. Let me list these ways off to you now...

1. I have to get up with an alarm clock at 7:30 a.m. (this is the stuff of nightmares)
2. I have to get dressed in clean clothes and put on mascara and lip stick and whatnot
3. I have to actually GO to said job and be present for an 8 hour shift!
4. Having a job costs money... you have to feed yourself away from home and buy tights to wear under skirts and stuff
5. This leaves Billy and Rudy home alone for 9 hours out of the day and that is a dangerous amount of time for them to be left alone
6. There is a chocolate shop next door to my gallery
7. There is an Anthropologie store less than two blocks away from my gallery
8. I am sure there are more things to say but I am too tired thinking about having to get up tomorrow for my job

So there you have it. And let me tell you... I may sound like I am complainin' (and I most certainly am) but I am glad to have this gig. It's payin' for some real important stuff for us right now... stuff like air to breath and water to drink.... and Rudy's brain surgery. And sooner or later a haircut for Billy. So it's all good people. Really.

Also... you should know that I am sort of two timing on Billy right now. I kind of have a new man in my life and his name is Wrecks. He lives next door. I go over there sometimes at night and make out with him on the sofa. Here is a photo I took of him on our date the other night...

Billy really does not seem to mind. He is not the jealous type. So it's cool. Rudy does have an issue with it though since Wrecks is his friend and I think he is sort of embarrassed by the whole thing. I think he is still depressed because his girlfriend recently moved away. Her name is Cheyenne and she was his favorite lady. Truly.

Cheyenne moved up to Oregon. We hope she likes it up there and finds a new buddy to hang out with who is as much fun as Rudy. If you call someone chewing and hanging off your ear fun that is.

OK! Time to go crawl into bed with my new Jim Harrison book and read until the cows come home.


High Desert Rose said...

Hey Bethany! Sounds like life is good up in Big Sur! Congrats on the 'big girl' job and wonderful once in a lifetime score of living as you are living right now, in the moment.

So looks like Rudy fell for a big sexy redhead. hmmmmm. I guess he is imprinted for life now, huh?

Anywho, this is just HDRose (Karen) saying 'hey' and that it's great for the team to hear from you. We miss ya and are glad that you are back!

I just got back from a brief stint in hospital. FINALLY, had my backbone flipped and rethreaded and I now enjoy the quad life (a walker) temporarily while some residual nerve issues try to heal themselves.

I look like a ninja turtle in my back brace from the back or a middle aged bar wench from the front. Nope, not gettin' any pics of that one.....the girl still has her vanity, ya know.

Keep in touch girl, you are too much fun not to read.


Bethany said...

Hi Karen! So nice to hear from you... I will track you down on Etsy and send you a convo to get caught up. Thanks for stopping in here to say Hello...