Sunday, March 25, 2012

Departures, Little Dogs, Anniversaries, Allergies and Yard Sales

Hi all.... it's been one heck of a weird week. Really sad in some ways and really lovely in others.

After my last post, the very next day we suffered a loss in our little family here at El Zaguan. The elder member of our group John Gregory Tweed made the leap to the other side late on the evening of the first day of spring. Having known Greg for the past 9 months or so.... I can say that he was as genuine an individual as one would ever hope to meet. He was a gem of a human being. Greg's health was failing him this entire past year but we still managed to have some wonderful times listening to his grand stories and hearing him sing in his amazing, beautiful baritone voice. Greg had the sharpest wit around and doled out compliments by the dozens. He was someone who made you think about the mysteries of life and made you laugh about all it's goofy pitfalls. It was an honor to have known you Greg.... and to have you as our neighbor. Bon Voyage kid.... see you around.

We had a get together at Max's place last weekend to celebrate Greg's life.... Rochester, Greg's Giant Pinto Chihuahua was always under foot. He has no lack of people to look after him in Greg's absence.

Rochester's fate has yet to be decided.... will he stay at El Z or will he go to live with one of Greg's close friends who lives nearby? He and Rudy get along quite well... so Rudy casts his vote for his buddy to stay of course. Little dogs have to stick together.

Billy and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary on Friday. We kept it simple and just walked downtown for a bite to eat at La Boca then came home and toasted our longevity with an apple martini. I am not usually a martini drinker. Yikes. It's just a bit too ferocious for me I guess. I'll stick with my homeopathic gin and tonics thanks.

Today we found a gift from our neighbor Brenda hanging on our doorknob.....

Inside was a huge cupcake. It was delicious and was a perfect sweet for after a big lunch of mole enchiladas at The Tune Up Cafe this afternoon. Pistachios, orange zest and a sweet cream cheese frosting on a perfect yellow cake. I think there was some lemon in there too.... it was really good.

I have to admit that I am writing this post through an allergy fog that is thick as pea soup. I may not be capable of keeping an entertaining story line going here. In fact I am pretty sure that this whole post is going to come off like dry toast. Sorry. I'm at a rock bottom low point for the season so far. I made the stupid mistake today of switching to a different allergy pill. No Bueno. I feel like a couple of banana slugs crawled up my nose and are mating up in there somewhere. See? That's what I mean. I should not be writing right now. Seriously though.... how much longer can this crap go on? I can't even think straight anymore.... I'm too cracked out on meds and lack of sleep from the struggle that ensues in the night (every night.) Nose blowing, parched dry throat. itchy ears and a pounding headache. So wonderful.

Spring has definitely sprung here in NM and the weather has been awesome the past few days. Brenda and I scooted out to an estate sale this morning and I grabbed a pair of Navajo moccasins for twenty bucks. I lovvvvee them.

We have daffy's popping up all over the yard... and if you want to get a real nice sunburn you can hang out in the orchard for twenty minutes and hook one up no problem at all. I could show you my face and arms as an example right now but I will spare you the imagery. 

The lettuce has been planted in the garden.... and we are excited to get a bunch of seeds started. This years garden is going to be a success... drought be damned. We will not be stopped. 

In closing, here's Rudy soaking up some rays in the orchard. Happy Sunday to y'all and enjoy your life people. Every day counts. 


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, Bethany. And I'm glad Rochester still has lots of friends (dogs and people friends) around him--I'm sure he's feeling the loss, too. A very happy "woo hoo!" to you and Billy on 11 years, and I'm glad you got to do it up right. (I need to know what a homeopathic gin & tonic is!) And I'm sorry to hear your allergies are still bugging out! I feel lucky to not have been affected--yet--considering the crazy streak of over-80 temp days we had here.

Caitlin said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, that must be so difficult. Wishing you and his little beast all the best.