Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time Off Flies By

So I had the last 6 days off work (going back in tomorrow.... boo hoo) and it really flew by. We pretty much stayed around the compound the whole week. I listed a few things in my etsy vintage shop and Billy painted as usual. Tonight I am so tired my brain feels like the sludge at the bottom of a pond. Don't expect great things out of this post. In fact, you should probably just stop reading it right about now because yeah, I can't even understand why I am trying to post right now. Wha?

The best way to handle a tired post is usually pictures. Lots of them. So here goes... this past week wrapped up in a random assortment of photos.

The garden is looking pretty gorgeous in spite of the drought we are in....

Rudy is looking pretty gorgeous in spite of the drought we are in....

Billy with his game face on at Friday night's art opening here... he sold one painting so apparently the game face works.

Max with his "get this crazy bitch off me" look on his face...

No need to resort to violence Max.

Billy and Max peeking in people's windows all over town. Perverts.

The Santa Fe National Forest is on fire big time... New Mexico is basically one big bundle of kindling right now.

Chelle brought Wyatt over on Saturday for a garden visit... the kid is getting big!

Ridiculous cuteness....

Our dear friend Gordon (aka Cappy) came out for a super quick weekend visit from Cali... it was great to see him and we will soon be hiring a hit man to kill his ass totally dead if he does not just hurry up and move to Santa Fe. That's him dead center (hear that Cap? DEAD center!) waving at you all....

What else? uhhhhh.... I dunno. This took everything my wee muddy brain had tonight! Hope you all had a fine Father's Day out there in the world. Neck ties, goofy greeting cards and mixed nuts for everyone! Yeah! But seriously... I am lucky enough to have a boat load of great Dad juju in my life... and am grateful as heck for it. Cheers to all the great Dads of the world! Especially Billy who is of course the world's best Dad to Rudy. (Dumb!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Living Room

This past Friday night we had our first art opening of the season here at El Zaguan which is why I have not posted in a while. Between the show and work I have been a busy bee. It was a group show featuring work by all the current artist's in residence including Billy and I, Brenda Roper, Max Carlos Martinez, Greg Tweed and Adam Eisman. I had three photo prints in the show and Billy hung 8 paintings. We had a great turn out and a really fun evening. The show hangs for another week or so if you are in Santa Fe stop over to say HI and see the work.

This is a piece by Brenda Roper.... she is a really thoughtful and interesting person to know and her work is beautiful. This pic has a bit of a glare but gives you a good feel for her art.

Annnnd this is Max. He lives right next door to us and I love him to pieces. If you move back to New York Max I will burn the city to the ground.

I don't know who this wretched geek is but someone should have thrown her out into the street...

Here's a long shot view of Billy's wall... I will post a few close ups further down.

Brenda and I after a few preliminary sips of prosecco.

And here are a few of Billy's pieces... up close.

The last one is a dude all cozied up to a fire in an arroyo.... I love the feel of it. Night time paintings!

We are still dry as a heap of shredded wheat here and all smoked up from the fires that continue in AZ. It makes for some beautiful skies in the evening but I have had my fill of the smell and the sore throat, etc. stemming from it.

I have several days off this coming week and a visit from a VIP friend this next weekend so we should have tons of pics and stories to share coming up.


Friday, June 03, 2011


Still waiting for even a drop of rain to fall on Santa Fe. The cloudscapes are beautiful but they are still holdin' out on us. I have never felt so dusty is all my life.