Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Living Room

This past Friday night we had our first art opening of the season here at El Zaguan which is why I have not posted in a while. Between the show and work I have been a busy bee. It was a group show featuring work by all the current artist's in residence including Billy and I, Brenda Roper, Max Carlos Martinez, Greg Tweed and Adam Eisman. I had three photo prints in the show and Billy hung 8 paintings. We had a great turn out and a really fun evening. The show hangs for another week or so if you are in Santa Fe stop over to say HI and see the work.

This is a piece by Brenda Roper.... she is a really thoughtful and interesting person to know and her work is beautiful. This pic has a bit of a glare but gives you a good feel for her art.

Annnnd this is Max. He lives right next door to us and I love him to pieces. If you move back to New York Max I will burn the city to the ground.

I don't know who this wretched geek is but someone should have thrown her out into the street...

Here's a long shot view of Billy's wall... I will post a few close ups further down.

Brenda and I after a few preliminary sips of prosecco.

And here are a few of Billy's pieces... up close.

The last one is a dude all cozied up to a fire in an arroyo.... I love the feel of it. Night time paintings!

We are still dry as a heap of shredded wheat here and all smoked up from the fires that continue in AZ. It makes for some beautiful skies in the evening but I have had my fill of the smell and the sore throat, etc. stemming from it.

I have several days off this coming week and a visit from a VIP friend this next weekend so we should have tons of pics and stories to share coming up.


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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Beautiful--love Billy's pieces! Stay hydrated. I hope some rain comes your way soon.