Monday, February 15, 2010


Well howdy folks.... hope you are all enjoying this three day weekend which is only a two day weekend for me. I'm gettin' ready to head in to work here in a few. Since when does President's Day fall the day after Valentine's? I'm confused by that one.

So this was Rudy's birthday weekend. He turned 3. In years past we have had more of "a party" for him but this year we kept it more low key. We just took him out to a local dog boutique where you can buy cashmere sweaters for your mini-she-poo-shizzle-wizzle (new designer breed) or a $250 dog bed made of pure organic cotton candy and satin. We let Rudy loose in this wonderland of silliness and waited to see what he would go for.... "pick out" if you will. After a few minutes of frenzied sniffing and confusion it was clear we had a winner....

It's a platypus. What a fabulous choice right? I mean... it would have been between the platypus and the armadillo for me personally so I support his decision whole heartedly. We also let him pick out a dessert treat from the case full of weirdly real yet fake looking baked goods. Cakes for dogs. Why not?

The green cupcake was devoured after dinner and the platypus got it's ass kicked all night long. So all in all I think he had a fine birthday.

I decided to bake a brown butter raspberry tart for the VD holiday.... it sure was pretty but I can't say it is a recipe I would make again. I pulled it from an old Bon Appetit magazine. It was simple to make but turned out kind of bleh. I would have rather eaten those gorgeous berries straight outta the package.

Looks good huh? It's such a fake out. Maybe it will be better once it has had a chance to think about who it wants to be in this world over night. It needs to pull itself up by the boots straps and get a better attitude. Yeaaahhhhhh...... Who am I kiddin'? We will eat it even if it starts bad mouthing it's grandma and throwing rotten eggs at nuns. Even lack luster baked goods get fair treatment in this household. Sad but true.

OK. Gotta go polish up my chocolate stirring muscle and curl my eyelashes for work. Cheers all!


Nicole said...

Awww. Happy birthday to Rudy! I would be so proud if my dog selected a platypus. Awesome choice. Obviously, your dog rocks.

Anonymous said...

Hello?? Anybody home?