Sunday, November 15, 2009

Technical Difficulty

Where to begin? Our internet service has been working like a hot pig on a Sunday afternoon after eating two tons of slop. In other words.... it has not been working at all. Due to this situation I have ground my teeth down to itty bitty nubs and am on a soft food diet. Since the sow seems to be feeling perky tonight I decided to try to whip off a post with some much over due photos. As I said oh like a week or so ago Billy's Mom came to see us with her best friend Linda in tow. They stayed for almost a week and we saw the sights and bought approximately 400 pounds of turquoise jewelry. It was good times!

One of the first stops we made was at Tent Rock south of Santa Fe. It is a really rewarding short hike to the top of a mesa with a fabulous view. One of the coolest aspects of the place is that you get to hike through a slot canyon. Last time I checked they don't have any slot canyons in New England where the girls are from so we thought it would be a fun choice....

Gail... always one for high adventure, insisted on showing off her rock climbing skills....

This is Linda up top on the mesa.... all smiles for having made it up for the beautiful view under that gorgeous blue sky.

A bunch of dorks on our lunch break. Blow it up for the full effect. Everybody looks like a dope.

Gail and I waving triumphantly from the top.... Yo!

We also made a trip up to Taos to see the Rio Grande Gorge bridge and shop for jewelry at the Taos Pueblo. It was another seriously gorgeous day. We lucked out big time with the weather. It was near 70 every day.... and now a week later we have snow. I am so glad they came when they did!

The pueblo is one of my favorite places to visit in Northern NM and hopefully you can see why from looking at these few photos here. It is in such a serene beautiful setting... Taos really is magical.

And just to sort of sum up the general mood and attitude of our outings...

Yeah Gail.... I know. You want to kill me for posting that photo. But guess what. You can't. And besides.... I look just as much an idiot as you do. And I put my photo first so suck it up mamma!

We are so glad we got to take the week to hang out and show you guys around Santa Fe. It was a blast. Thanks for coming all the way out here to see us!

Hmmm what else? It's snowing. Did I mention it snowed? It's cold. It snowed. So anyway. We are gearing up for the big holiday season at The Chocolatesmith and planning our Thanksgiving dinner with friends Chris and Jana (and Chico and Mugsy.) The month of November is leaving burn out marks on my face it is going by so fast.

Hope you all are ready for the coming season of craziness.... I will try to get back to normal posting instead of being the lame ass I have been of late. Ciao!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I love having visitors!

Oh my--that photo of the doggies sleeping in in the dirt! Wonderful. But Rudy is still, always, my favorite. He looks great on the banner.

I would keel over if we lost internet. I feel for you.

I can't believe you guys--and my parents in Denver--have already been getting all this snow, and here in Michigan it's been all sunny and warm. I feel that there will be some kind of karmic boomerang and we'll probably have the longest, iciest, grayest Michigan winter ever.

Dianne said...

Enjoyed your words and your photos! Fun to have visitors when there's so many cool places to see.

sybil said...

hey b.
great shots. so glad billy's mom came out for a visit. your photography never ceases to blow my damn socks off, and we won't even discuss what your writing does to my guts! love ya red. xoxo