Monday, September 21, 2009

Crazy !

This past weekend was just nuts. I am still working away at the chocolate shop trying to get caught up (people sure do seem to need a lot of chocolate these days) and Billy was consumed with visiting the big art expo which was going on at the new Santa Fe convention center. They had art supplies at wholesale pricing and a lot of demos and workshops. Right up his alley. The expo was also featuring an opportunity to audition for a PBS program called Passport and Palette about master artists traveling the world painting on location (in obviously fabulous locations.) Billy auditioned and did really well. The producer really seems to like his art and was excited about our story having traveled the past three years in the Airstream painting all over the USA. After his interview on Friday the producer asked Billy to bring me by on Sunday and also wanted to see the Airstream.

So on Sunday morning we hitched the old girl up and towed her down to the convention center. Crazy! We parked in the loading dock area and the producer, Theodore... who is a really cool guy, filmed us in and around the trailer. Super, super fun stuff people. Apparently the footage will be up for review with the other producers and decision makers involved in the show back in New York. Tons of folks have auditioned... but I think we have a good shot at making guest artist on the program. Hopefully final word will come down within the month. So cross your fingers, toes and eyes for us! We are basically stunned by the idea of the opportunity... and would just about die to have the whole thing pull through. Hear that Theodore? Are you out there? We are dying. We are almost dead. You are the only one who can save us now. I'm listening for my phone to ring........................ ! Huh. Nothin' yet. I am ready for my close up Mr. Johnson.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. So there you have it. This weeks big, crazy news. Which could end up not being as crazy as it feels right now if nothing ever comes of it. (Psssssst! Theodore!)

In other painting news... here's Billy latest, totally fabulous little water color painting of a beach in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

Good stuff eh? I love his watercolors. I think he should do more of them.

Tomorrow at the shop I hope to pull off the grand finale on The Chocolate Turtle Construction Event of 2009. I have 85 left to create. Whew. Never saw that one comin' back a few months ago when we were still wandering around in the fog up in Mendocino. Suddenly there are 225 caramel pecan turtles blocking my way on the road of life. Rascals.

Well, peeps I am as tired as a gal can be tonight. Time for jammies and tea. Good night y'all!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

this will be quick, as I should be sleeping, but: woo hoo! I'll be sending all the good luck vibes I have to you guys! That is SO exciting!

jani said...

Good Luck to you and Billy! Hope you get the gig, sounds unbelievably cool.