Friday, June 29, 2007

Remember me?

OK.... so it has been weeks since my last post and I apologise for that! I have a long list of excuses including the 4 month old puppy and the fact that my laptop never got repaired. It's still on the blink. I'll leave it at that and spare you the rest of my B.S.

We wrapped up our stay in Massachusetts yesterday and we are now in Maine just South of Portland where we will be for 11 days. We had a great time in MA where we visited with family and spent a week out on the Vineyard (never made it out to Nantucket...ran out of time.) Thanks to a new friend and client of Billy's we enjoyed a cottage out on West Chop on the Vineyard and had a really fabulous week there. It was a perfect spot to hang out with Rudy and just relax. Rudy loves the beach. Not for the reasons that you and I probably love the beach.... but for reasons all his own. He for instance...loves to eat sand, seaweed and drink salt water. These things had not occurred to me as genuine options while at the beach but after seeing what a good time he was having scooping up big wet mouths full of sand... man, I was actually tempted for an eighth of a second to join him. Yah. He also enjoys digging at the beach. Full body, from the depths of his soul... digging. He throws his whole person into it which is only appropriate really. Probably the biggest day on the island for Rudy though was his play date with Frankie the black lab. They played until Rudy was asleep on his feet. It was big fun. Frankie was a perfect match for Rudy because she is a lot bigger than he and able to pin him down and give him a good butt kickin if he got too carried away with thinking he is some kind of bad ass. Which he did. She was very polite about it and kept him in line in a very gentle way. Thanks Frankie! I wish she could come over for about two hours every day to play!

We are off for the day to explore Cape Elizabeth and try to find the lighthouse featured in a Hopper painting. The weather has mellowed out (not 95 degrees anymore) so it should be a good day.

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